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Microsoft Office: Copy Email Signatures

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Microsoft Office: Copy Email Signatures

Most folks who use signatures extensively in MS ‘Orifice’ don’t use them for different signatures…they use them to create templates for frequently-used letter formats.  These can include welcome letters, “turn in your time sheet or you won’t get paid, you moron” letters, etc.

There’s a financial analyst in our business office that has at least a dozen of these ‘templates’ and I just recently had to copy them to a laptop she was recently issued.  The link above says its for 2010 but it applies to Office 2013 as well.


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Issue:  Some Outlook emails to Mac users result in an empty email with an attachment named winmail.dat that is a bunch of unreadable junk. Winmail.dat is a result of the email client being used (usually Outlook) sending the email as an RTF (Rich Text File).  Mac systems cannot interpret messages sent in an RTF format. Since the Mac won’t read the file, it converts it to a winmail.dat file.

There are two ways to fix this issue. One is a Windows fix and the other is a Mac fix. I suggest both the Windows & the Mac users fix their side of the issue or they will continue to run into this problem again and again with other users.

Windows Users:  Know your audience and adjust your email format.

Mac Users:  Bombard Apple with requests that they fix this issue!

Fix (Mac): There are dozens of free programs available for the Mac which allows them to read the file. Here’s an example:


Fix (Windows):  Please verify that you are sending in plain text or HTML. If you want to send “clickable” email links then HTML is the option you want.

If you’re using Outlook 2007 or 2010, go to File >Options >Compose Messages and then select the format to “HTML” or “Plain Text”

A colleague adds this bit of anti-Mac venom:  “Mac users are convinced the root problem is a Microsoft problem, not a Mac problem, so they don’t bother ….to fix the issue. The Mac user simply points the problem back to the Microsoft user … The only way you can remedy the problem on [the Windows] end is not to use rich text format and only use plain text format. This is the only rudimentary format that Macs can handle.”