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Linux on Windows

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This has been a feature for at least several weeks. I’m not sure what kind of utility it will have unless they can bridge PowerShell into it but…sounds great for profiling and testing w/o creating a Linux box in Amazon Web Services. Check it out.  B


SEXY New Site ALERT! – DeployHappiness

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I just found a insanely great deployment/group policy site for those of us ‘in the BIZ’ called DeployHappiness .

You’ll find this intro screen at

Joseph, you’ve put together a kickass site, sir.  Thanks!


MacOS Installer Bootable USB Stick

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Had to do this today because a customer was too impatient for 3rd parties to update their applications for the fuzzy text issue and asked me to retrograde them to MacOS 10.8.  I won’t comment on the pros & cons of retrograding your OS here. <smirk>

POINT IS, that I found a GREAT video on how to do it.  Kudos to MonTechin for a clear, concise and well-edited video.

Aaron Parker’s StealthPuppy Is a GREAT Site!

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Aaron Parker’s StealthPuppy Is a GREAT Site!

Aaron puts me to shame not only with the sheer volume of information has has compiled but also the quality of his work.

Well done, Arron!