Garbage In – Garbage Out.

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Garbage-In – Garbage Out. This is a statement meant to imply that if you input faulty data, the result will be faulty as well. Asked my Pixel if it was going to rain today because I was seeing some pretty ominous clouds above. Here is Google’s answer at 8:15am…

And now, at 9:09am it is raining. So, of course, I just HAD to ask it once again…

…I realize that Google is probably relying on a weather service for the info…and of course, all weather reports lead back to the U.S. Government. Why should I be surprised?

I honestly didn’t know whether to post this here on the tech blog because it deals with Google Assistant …on because my first inclination is to laugh …or because the US Gov’t has veered so far off its original mandate that it can’t get a weather report right…and it shouldn’t be doing the DAMNED WEATHER ANYWAY!!



Hold on to Your Butts*: Linux on Windows

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With thanks to Patrick Monroe Brenner, I found out that Microsoft and Canonical (Ubuntu) have hatched Linux in Win10.

Wow, baby. Imagine the possibilities if they can get it to run efficiently!


Here’s the link.


*In case you’re wondering, “Hold on to your butts!” is a quote from the first Jurassic Park movie (Samuel L. Jackson).

ReasonTV – The Tor Project

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I found this through my political blogging. Amazing!

Sal Khan – A Conversation With Elon Musk

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I lost count of the things I learned by spending 50 minutes watching Elon Musk talk on “things”. Drop the cat videos for just an hour…that’s all I’m asking… and take a ride to Mars. B$

Crucial M4 Troubles

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I have class in a few minutes, so I’ll post more details later.  Here’s the issue:
My wife’s computer (I built it)…its being overclocked like hell and was working fine for several months until something happened that caused intermittent freezes with no dumps.

I did the usual things:

  • Looked at the Windows Event Logs
  • Ran Windows memtest and then Memtest memtest…both ran clean several times
  • Ran Windows in Safe Mode for awhile…still froze.

So…what was left.  ….{long pause}  …GASP!  But…but…it couldn’t be!  This was the first system I built with a solid state hard drive (SSD).  Panic…that damn thing was expensive.  It is an M4 series 128GB drive.  I don’t have the exact model number in front of me, but I’ll follow up with specifics.

Long story short:  It looks like the fix was a firmware update to the drive.  However: I can no longer successfully overclock the motherboard and memory.  It just won’t overclock now.

More details to follow…but if you have similar things going on with your system, look at the memory first, of course…but then look at your SSD.


Are You IT & Scared of the CLOUD?

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LOL…I don’t worry ’bout the cloud.  Why?  I’m a free-market capitalist, that’s why!

If the cloud DOES replace in-house IT…you’ll just be working for someone else, taking an early retirement or going on the government dole.  You cannot change these things so keep yourself marketable and wring every training dollar you can out of your current employer.

Read this essay on da cloud.  …brian