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Website: Typography in Ten Minutes

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Website: Typography in Ten Minutes

My wife had me looking that this article about 33 Amazingly Useful Websites You Never Knew Existed. This one was amongst that 33 and it is literally a microscopic diamond. I was happy to find out that I’m doing some – but not all – of the items Butterick listed as good typographical habits. Enjoy! B$

Reason Magazine – 5 Top Lies About Biotech Crops

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Reason Magazine – 5 Top Lies About Biotech Crops

And now I diverge from IT a bit and move into another technical field which I have very little practical knowledge about. However, I do seem to have a nose for studies that are obfuscations of the true nature of something. Rule #1: If it isn’t peer-reviewed, it simply cannot be considered. Reason Mag does a great job here of ‘weeding’ (forgive the pun) out the bullshit about biotech crops. B$