Why is Internet Explorer security such a challenge?

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This is the best brief primer on IE vulnerabilities and browser/internet exploits that I’ve seen in awhile.

It also contains some great advice for the IT pro and the typical user as well. Don’t forget to click the links within the article if you don’t understand something. F’rinstance: I didn’t know what a ‘Zero-Day Exploit‘ was.

Website: Technology and Programming

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Website: Technology and Programming

I guess it’s my day for shoving you into technology’s path and letting it run your ass down, eh? Again, from this article but not in the article itself but the Reddit comments/discussions section of the article. People are posting their little gems and some of them are flippin’ amazing. Here’s one for those days when all you want to do is learn something new or sharpen your dull brain-blade. B$

Website: ManualsLib

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Website: ManualsLib

From the same article as the previous post, I found this useful gem. I was blown away by the sheer volume of the manuals. Wow. B$

Website: Typography in Ten Minutes

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Website: Typography in Ten Minutes

My wife had me looking that this article about 33 Amazingly Useful Websites You Never Knew Existed. This one was amongst that 33 and it is literally a microscopic diamond. I was happy to find out that I’m doing some – but not all – of the items Butterick listed as good typographical habits. Enjoy! B$

I’m Testing These Methods… #tgdn #tcot

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I’m Testing These Methods… #tgdn #tcot

…for my homies in the conservative/classic liberal/libertarian sphere.  There’s a lot of ways to track us…let’s not make it easy for them.

Remember, however, that there is a fine line between being ‘surveilled’ and browser functionality.  I’m testing most of these addons and settings to make sure you can get around the web without a lot of websites spitting venom at you.

When I’ve used them for awhile, I’ll report back.  If you feel adventurous, go for it yourself…use the recommended addons…however remember that it will alter your browsing experience.  Please leave comments here on my blog at this post and let me know if you tried these methods for a decent period of time (at least a week)  B$

Microsoft Office: Copy Email Signatures

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Microsoft Office: Copy Email Signatures

Most folks who use signatures extensively in MS ‘Orifice’ don’t use them for different signatures…they use them to create templates for frequently-used letter formats.  These can include welcome letters, “turn in your time sheet or you won’t get paid, you moron” letters, etc.

There’s a financial analyst in our business office that has at least a dozen of these ‘templates’ and I just recently had to copy them to a laptop she was recently issued.  The link above says its for 2010 but it applies to Office 2013 as well.

Aaron Parker’s StealthPuppy Is a GREAT Site!

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Aaron Parker’s StealthPuppy Is a GREAT Site!

Aaron puts me to shame not only with the sheer volume of information has has compiled but also the quality of his work.

Well done, Arron!