Remembering Steve Jobs

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The Average Innovation Quotient, AIQ[tm] went down appreciably when Steve left the planet. In this clip, he explains his unique perspective on Apple when it wasn’t doing so well. B$

The Death of Blackberry

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Our Blackberry service is no longer relevant to our business. I’m thinking that many Enterprise-Level IT shops are repeating this mantra throughout the world. And so I offer a prayer.

I want to thank Blackberry for all the ground-breaking work they did in the mobile digital market when it was only a dream. Goodbye to RIM, which I don’t see as ever being able to regain their market share due to very poor business decisions and lack of innovation. Your employees will find work in more relevant and innovative companies. It is the great law of Creative Destruction which allows the most efficient use of limited resources (that have alternative uses). Remember: If it weren’t for Blackberry, then Apple, HTC, Samsung, Nokia and a plethora of other companies would never have seen the market for what it was. We owe RIM a great debt. But now its time to say Goodbye.

ReasonTV – The Tor Project

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I found this through my political blogging. Amazing!

Sal Khan – A Conversation With Elon Musk

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I lost count of the things I learned by spending 50 minutes watching Elon Musk talk on “things”. Drop the cat videos for just an hour…that’s all I’m asking… and take a ride to Mars. B$