MS Office 2016 (Mac) Won’t Update

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So, I tried installing Microsoft Orifice 2016 for Mac into the latest & greatest MacBook Pro and the magnificent BeachBall-O-Death is spinning a hole in the screen when I try to update it…even after a restart.

I, of course, thought my installer was bad…but au contraire mon frère ! My cohort in crime, the devastatingly beautiful and wickedly vicious Crystal (aka, C-Monster, C# and QBotU) used her KNOWN good installer with the same result.

Here’s what to do to fix it…you’re essentially downloading and installing the updater that should have updated itself but didn’t because Macs suck when it comes to Microsoft products…and vice-versa.

Download MAU 3.9.1 released on June 13, 2017 from Microsoft


Welcome Back, Brian!

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As some of you might know, I lost my beloved wife suddenly and unexpectedly on October 9th, 2016. That has been the primary reason you’ve not seen much of me here or on my other blogs.

If the truth be known, whatever is going on politically, economically, musically or comically has taken a drastic drop in my list of important things or the things to pay attention to in my life.

While I’m still dealing with the loss of my life-partner and dearest friend in life, I am beginning to pay attention to happenings around the country. Having just spent what would’ve been Laura’s 56th birthday with my children: it was a turning point. The only way, I have come to accept (reluctantly), to climb out of disastrous loss, is to crawl towards the light.

So you’ll now see more activity here and in my other blogs in the future, However, you’ll find well-articulated truths from the conservative/libertarian bent, more relevant & useful technical articles, and more than mere opinions. I am not the same person that started Facebook’s ‘Pushing Back‘ or any of my blogs here at WordPress. So, I guess we’ll find out who I am in the coming months together, OK?

Thank you all for your kind words and good wishes to my family and myself. Thank you for ‘tuning-in’ to this page and my other blogs. You’ll see a more steady flow of facts and arguments from every one of my “outlets”.



Hold on to Your Butts*: Linux on Windows

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With thanks to Patrick Monroe Brenner, I found out that Microsoft and Canonical (Ubuntu) have hatched Linux in Win10.

Wow, baby. Imagine the possibilities if they can get it to run efficiently!


Here’s the link.


*In case you’re wondering, “Hold on to your butts!” is a quote from the first Jurassic Park movie (Samuel L. Jackson).

Words of Wisdom About Your Career & Life

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This article is wise beyond the wisdom of the ages because it is precisely what I ‘take to the bank’ when I supposedly “waste my time” playing World of Warcraft. The two big ones are Strategy (long term planning/goals) and Tactics (specific, short-term, goal-oriented plans for achieving an essential piece of your strategy). B$

Is Microsoft Cool Again?

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…the question should be, “Was Microsoft EVER cool?”.

However, even if it has never been what one would call, “cool”, it certainly is true that it is regenerating itself.

Too bad the coming recession will crush it and other tech companies.

Installing .NET 3.5 (2.0)

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I can’t count the number of times I keep expecting to add a feature like .NET 2 or 3.5 to a server only to have it fail because the damn source files aren’t on the bleeping server.

Finally, I found something that decided to work.

Mount an ISO of the OS disk (must match the OS on your server!) or throw in a DVD if you have an optical drive (how quaint!) …then follow these instructions remembering that he uses d: as the drive letter and yours may differ. For example, my ISO mounted at f:

So I typed in:

dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFX3 /all /Source:f:\sources\sxs /LimitAccess

My thanks & SysAdmin kudos goes to Daniel Classon who wields a pretty sexy Microsoft-centric admin blog. Please email him and thank him for making our jobs just THAT much easier.


XML and Special Characters

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I just learned the hard way when my IIS website crashed because  I used an ampersand “&” instead of the word “and” in a menu title.

  <Item Category="Misc">
    <Option filename="/FAQ/DropBoxReg.pdf" title="How to get a Dropbox account" />
    <Option filename="/FAQ/AccessingDropbox.pdf" title="Setting up GSM & Personal Dropbox" />
    <Option filename="/FAQ/iClickerOverview.pdf" title="Using iClicker in GSM Classrooms" />
    <Option filename="/FAQ/Crestron.pdf" title="How to use the Crestron Air Media system" />

Can you spot it?

Yeah…I had a really long title for the document in the menu list so I thought I’d shorten it with an ampersand. I thought, “It’s between quotes…that ain’t no THANG!”

FAIL. After restarting the website, I received the bad news.

I found a good article on TechRepublic about the why and workarounds for this phenomenon Beware the Ampersand…. Enjoy. B$