Lenovo Makes Great Products, However…

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I arrived at work at 7am this morning. Got a cup of coffee… After checking email, my work queue , I decide to go online to Lenovo’s parts-ordering and quickly order a replacement keyboard for a customer’s Lenovo ThinkPad x220T

The time is 7:32am Pacific Standard Time

The website was useless…so I called the number and talked to a nice young lady in Atlanta, GA who gave me a part number and then kindly transferred me to their sales staff to purchase the part.

The sales department could not identify the part number and had no method to look up the proper part. Further, they couldn’t transfer me back to the technical support department so I redialed and when through the 4-number-pressing MAZE to get back to tech support.

I get a young man who tells me that the part number given to me is out of stock or no longer used; he had an alternate part number.  I’m currently on hold to talk to sales once again. Aaaaaaand…now the person is telling me their sales department doesn’t sell ThinkPad parts.     %&*(^%$%$(!!YTU&^$*(&##!!

The time is 1014am.  I’m now pissed.

10:49am…Cindy…finally…CINDY is going to take my plastic and let me purchase the damn keyboard…


I’ve asked to speak with a supervisor so I can tell them that Cindy has ended my pain. She has pulled the thorn from my paw… I’ve just told Bridgette – Cindy’s supervisor – of my Three Hour Tour of horror. Bridgette tried to make it right by giving me the correct phone number (the last of the 4 phone numbers I was given in my journey through hell) and the correct parts website URL.

The URL that Bridgette gave me is useless because it bounces right back to the main Lenovo website. But the phone number is correct, it’s 800/388-7080.

BTW…if you’re interested, the correct part number for a replacement keyboard for a ThinkPad x220T (4249CTO) is 45N2141.

This is NOT an isolated incident with Lenovo service…which I believe in the US is actually still an IBM-run concern. Does this tell you why IBM is no longer the leader in anything?

All anger aside, I told Bridgette that Cindy should be commended for dealing with someone who was just a bit unhappy and she did so with grace and efficiency. One of my senior staff appreciated my giving positive feeback about Cindy. I hope it rubs-off on the other techs here.

So…now that I’ve:

  1. Checked my email.
  2. Ordered one part from Lenovo, I think I’ll go get lunch.